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“What you should know”

“Don’t get us wrong, you can’t ignore the subject – every business needs to continuously review and record its data processes across its operation – but as we have conversations we’ve come across a number of myths about GDPR and the contact centre:
“It’s going to have a huge impact”

“Live chat is a perfect channel for every aspect of the customer experience. When customers are searching for product information or need help with checkout, live chat can provide the immediate assistance they need. However, as with any channel, it’s important for brands to personalise the experience and communicate in a manner that best fits the channel. ”

“Not only do customers have their preferred channels, but they are also expecting you to deliver the best service possible on these channels at all times. According to a recent survey, companies that adopt an omnichannel strategy achieve 91% greater year-over-year customer retention rates compared to those that do not.

“It’s no secret that timeliness in customer service is essential to keeping customers satisfied. No matter how great a product or service your company offers, making customers lose time through a lack of information or lag in customer service responsiveness can be detrimental to long-term loyalty.  Furthermore, timeliness can be the factor that makes or breaks a sale when a customer is in need of assistance.”

“The old saying that “the customer is always right” has never held more importance, but its also not necessarily true…. but they are always the customer!

  These days, providing great products and service is not enough—great experiences matter too. In this digital age, customers may easily praise or criticise your brand on social media, enticing your competitors to step in and lure your followers away.”

“Legitimate interests is the most flexible lawful basis for processing, but you cannot assume it will always be the most appropriate.

It is likely to be most appropriate where you use people’s data in ways they would reasonably expect and which have a minimal privacy impact, or where there is a compelling justification for the processing. ”

“No matter how technologically advanced a brand’s support channels might be, live agents should always be accessible. A well-noted American Express study found that 67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration when they were unable to connect to a live agent. When service issues are complex, many customers prefer the option of interacting with a person for more comprehensive service. Therefore, offering customers the reassurance of live support when needed is important to providing a true human touch.”

“No matter the size of your business, B2B or B2C, you’re probably aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the EU’s new regulations. 

The new regulations were introduced two years ago and become law in May 2018. The law is aimed at enhancing the protection of EU citizens’ personal data, and increasing the obligations of organisations that deal with your data.

“Customer engagement experienced quite an evolution in the past few years. New technologies paved the way for both seamless and increasingly innovative customer experiences, redefining the role of human agents in customer service. But the power of the personal touch is still essential: In 2017, customer engagement will be marked by a need to balance the cutting-edge technologies that drive optimized experiences with the human touch that inspires and wins the loyalty of customers.”

“In the contact centre, time is everything. Every second wasted results in fewer sales and missed opportunities for delivering great customer service. Fortunately, predictive diallers offer the perfect solution to this problem, as this automated technology filters out obstacles and places calls at optimal times to ensure better results. Here are six ways predictive diallers can drive successful sales and customer service experiences.”

“While self-service is key to helping customers find information quickly, IVR is an essential tool for making it happen. IVR, or interactive voice response, uses touch-tone or speech recognition technology to identify and route callers to the most qualified agents, driving greater efficiency on both sides of the customer experience.”

“If relationships are personal by nature, what does that mean for your customer relations? Quite simply, today’s customers seek authentic connections with brands that make them feel like valued individuals. It’s not enough to treat them kindly—they expect your company to understand their needs and deliver the products and services they actually want. According to Monetate, 79% of organizations that have exceeded revenue goals possess a documented personalization strategy.”